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Check Up

The first step towards effective dental care is an accurate evaluation of a patient’s dental health and requirements. High priority is given to this process; with each patient carefully examined.

Radiography (RVG), intra oral camera (IOC) imaging system allows dentists to determine the treatments you require.

If need be patients are referred for orthopantomogram (OPG) which is covered under medicare

Regular dental check-ups and cleaning by a dental health professional are essential to identify potential problems early, prevent tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease, and maintain good oral health.

We advise that everyone should attend the dentist at 6 monthly intervals for a routine visit. At these visits following procedures are carried out as required:

  • Examination
  • Scale and clean (Removal of plaque, calculus and staining)
  • Application of Topical Fluoride
  • Bitewing X-rays
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • Provision and advise of mouth guards and splints

Depending on your health insurance most of the 6 monthly procedures are covered.